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Concurrent Engineering Blog

Is an Open or Closed System Best for Your Smart, Connected Products?

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 25-Nov-2022 09:00:00

As the IoT transitions from a niche concept to a practical option for product design, it is becoming increasingly popular in the business world. For companies planning to boost efficiency, innovation and ultimately revenue through the IoT, surely the only question is “when can we start?” Soon. I promise. 

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5 digital transformation growth areas you need to know

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 16-Feb-2022 10:00:00

Join us as we examine the top trends for digital transformation that you need to know. Let’s find out more.

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How IoT helps traditional industry leaders stay ahead

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 16-Nov-2021 14:00:00

In a changing world, is the Industrial Internet of Things essential to industry leaders’ survival? Let’s find out more.

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3 ways tech helps manufacturing companies prepare for disruption

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 16-Nov-2021 11:18:00

Thanks to technology, manufacturing organisations can navigate their way through disruption – and even become disruptors themselves. Let’s find out more.

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Three IoT implementation mistakes and how to avoid them

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 16-Apr-2021 10:00:00

Don’t get stuck in ‘pilot purgatory’. Follow our guide to IoT implementation success.

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How the IoT Changes the Way Product Information is Shared

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 06-Nov-2020 15:00:00

The Internet of Things lifts the barrier to solving traditional problems, such as how products perform after shipping. We were so used to not having the data; we’ve created processes and ways of working that accept knowledge gap as inevitable.

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Four Ways IoT Introduces New Product Capabilities to Manufacturers

Posted by Atif Khan on 15-Mar-2018 16:11:00

Internet of Things (IoT) technology enables connected devices to autonomously communicating and sharing information. In the automotive industry, for example, this change means that it's increasingly common for vehicles to stream data about their location and environment while in operation.

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4 Approaches to Adding New Product Capabilities

Posted by Andrew Hanson on 23-Feb-2018 10:30:00

Product connectivity, through the Internet of Things (IoT), offers many advantages to product designers and engineering. it enables us to relay information back and forth when the product is out in the field and it gives us more ways in which to add new capabilities for our products and solutions.

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Four Product Design Trends That Will Shape 2018

Posted by Andrew Hanson on 16-Jan-2018 14:20:00

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already changing the way products are designed and developed. The ability of smart, connected products to feedback important information from the field directly to the manufacturer means that organisations can access more insight and data than ever before. Fundamentally, this helps to improve future product iterations and even new product lines.

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How IoT Benefits and Supports Service Teams

Posted by Andrew Hanson on 07-Dec-2017 14:01:00

Gartner has predicted that 20.8 billion connected devices will come online by 2020, showing just how much the Internet of Things (IoT) is already changing the way we live. But its potential impact on the way businesses deliver support services is an area that deserves particular focus. 

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