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PTC Codebeamer

Designed to streamline complex engineering processes at scale, Codebeamer is an open platform that goes beyond conventional ALM functionalities.

Why Codebeamer?

Codebeamer stands out as a preferred choice for several reasons. It goes beyond traditional ALM by incorporating robust product line configuration features, showcasing exceptional configurability tailored for intricate processes.

This platform stands out with its provision of digital workflows, ensuring efficiency in collaborative development and offering robust support for regulatory compliance.

Moreover, Codebeamer seamlessly integrates with other PTC products, facilitating a connection to the engineering digital thread.


Features include...



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Requirements Management

Embed software risk management seamlessly into your software development lifecycle

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Software Risk Management

Enhance efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance by analysing and documenting risk activities.

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Test Management

Codebeamer aids in reducing quality costs, allowing you to demonstrate a strong commitment to product quality.

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Product Variability Management

Minimise rework, shorten release cycles, and decrease the costs associated with product verification. 

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Leverage built-in integrations and data sharing capabilities to minimise concealed costs.

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Software Development

Break down silos and establish traceability from requirements through code, testing, and release.

Codebeamer is...


Seamlessly integrating with modern software engineering toolchains. Development teams could also choose Codebeamer to replace their legacy toolchains.


Effortlessly connect your fragmented software engineering tool environment to a central development platform through out-of-the-box and standards-based integrations.


Codebeamer employs a system-of-systems approach for requirements, design, tests, and software, ensuring traceability at every step.


Experience comprehensive traceability throughout the software engineering lifecycle, from requirements to testing and release.


What are the benefits?

Choosing Codebeamer provides a multitude of benefits. It serves as a comprehensive software lifecycle management solution, encompassing all-in-one capabilities for requirements, risk, and test management.

By leveraging intelligent digital workflows, Codebeamer facilitates a holistic connection among people, roles, and processes throughout the software delivery lifecycle.

This integration not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to a seamless and well-coordinated development process.