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PTC Windchill 12

It won’t surprise you to hear that today’s products are becoming more and more complex. To stand out and gain traction, modern products have to get to market faster than ever before – without compromising on quality, cost or features.

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Features include...



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Product Data

Manage multi-CAD data in a single system

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Adopt a parts-centric approach to managing your Bill of Materials

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Change & Configuration

Make dynamic, coordinated changes across the enterprise

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Improve the quality of products and reduce service instances

Why Windchill?

Innovative designs need to leverage a mixture of mechanical, software, and connectivity which requires a robust, multidisciplinary approach to product development. Cutting-edge products must be released to market faster, with better quality, at a lower cost, and with more desirable features than your close rivals.

Windchill Demands

These demands require companies to improve collaboration across more of the organization throughout the product’s lifecycle. And when a product is smart and connected, the data generated throughout its lifecycle no longer ends once the product is shipped. New technologies working with the Internet of Things enables companies to capture and leverage information about a product’s performance during operation – with the potential to dramatically improve existing and future products.


PTC Windchill 12 is...


Keeping everyone informed and connected to a single source of truth for product data processes is crucial to producing accurate decisions, high-quality work, and releasing products on time.


Smart, connected products offer new challenges and new opportunities to product development teams, and it's our job to help you overcome the hurdles and seize these new openings. 



Windchill 11.12 enables teams to get involved in parts-centric design, reducing time to market, streamlining collaboration, and making more accurate decisions. 



Windchill includes cloud, on-premise and fully-hosted SAAS models. These all leverage subscription pricing to ensure predictable budgeting as and when PLM projects or programmes need changing.