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ThingWorx: IoT and AR Platform

ThingWorx enables companies to deliver IoT solutions and Augmented Reality experiences.

Unlock the value of the converged digital and physical worlds.

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Extended Capabilities: ThingWorx Apps

Get further on your ThingWorx journey. Use the pre-built applications and extensions from PTC.

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Ensure everyone in the organisation has easy access to the data they need. Set role-based access, to ensure all stakeholders have the information they need.

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Manufacturing Apps

Resolve common issues in the factory. Enable your team to monitor services remotely and decrease expensive downtime.

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Asset Advisor

Enable your users and service personnel to monitor and manage issues remotely, with real-time notifications.

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Extend your capabilities with 3rd party extensions, designed to be used with ThingWorx.


Start building stronger IIoT Solutions with the best IIoT platform

To transform the promise of industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) into a powerful reality, you need a platform purpose-built for industrial applications.

With a wide range of domain expertise built on nearly 20 years of IoT innovation, PTC's ThingWorx is an IIoT platform with the functionality and flexibility needed to drive a rapid ROI, while still offering the security and scalability required to expand IIoT solutions throughout your enterprise.

What's included in the ThingWorx platform?

ThingWorx included tools to help you:

  • Connect
  • Build
  • Analyse
  • Experience
  • Manage It

Includes technology to help you design and create IoT apps, AR experiences and more.