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Customer Success

What is customer success? 

Customer Success is a company wide initiative

Ensure you get the most out of your investment in PTC products

From initial demonstration we get to know you and your company's requirements, ensuring you are set up and running to meet your software goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Once fully implemented we use a proactive approach to engage with your team, to educate on tools, techniques and services that will further your knowledge and understanding of PTC products.

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What is the difference between Customer Success and Customer Service?

  Customer Success Customer Service
Mission Proactive, plan and ensure a successful customer lifecycle Reactive, answer and solve customer problems as they  arise
Goal Drive customer value from the product Drive customer satisfaction through technical support
Approach Long-term & predictive Time-sensitive & responsive
Metrics Success-orientated (retention, product usage, health etc.) Efficiency-orientated (#tickets closed, customer response time etc.)
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Customer Success

In addition to software training and implementation services, we offer a variety of ‘Enablement Services’.

These sessions have been put together using our vast software and industry knowledge. They cover 3 key business areas ‘People’, ‘Technology’ and ‘Process’, addressing any inefficiencies in these areas helps make your organisation as productive as it can be and get you to your targets faster. To find out more visit our ‘Enablement Services’ page.

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