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6 Questions to Ask Before Exploring Augmented Reality

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 11-May-2020 10:15:00

The augmented reality (AR) market is expected to be worth $75 billion by 2023.

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6 key ideas to help overcome the industrial skills gap

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 17-Apr-2020 09:15:00

As we enter a new decade, one of the key challenges for industrial firms is a growing shortage of workers and the ever-increasing skills gap.

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Introducing Creo 7.0: The Future of How You Design

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 14-Apr-2020 13:30:00

We all work in an increasingly competitive, global market. Today it's easier than ever for competitive disruption to emerge from anywhere in the world - especially as new technologies are changing what is possible in design and manufacturing. 

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4 fundamental digital transformation strategies

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 27-Mar-2020 10:45:00

Staying in tune with customer needs requires close communication and coordination in the manufacturing industry.

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The difference (and connection) between digital threads and digital twins

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 13-Mar-2020 14:15:00

Digital Twin and Digital Thread are two concepts that have been around for many years. But the two terms can often cause some confusion.

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Bringing Augmented Reality to the Factory Floor

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 11-Dec-2019 15:03:33

Bringing connectivity the factory floor is a key challenge facing many manufactures. The challenging industrial environment traditionally creates a lot of noise and interference, which disrupts Wi-Fi signals. However, next generation Wi-Fi services are opening up new opportunities.

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Four Key Product Features in Creo Simulation Live

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 09-May-2019 09:37:00

Creo Simulation Live, a real-time, easy-to-use simulation, which is fully integrated into the 3D CAD modeling environment. It allows engineers to iterate design ideas more quickly, generate more options and design with greater confidence. 

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3 Ways Augmented Reality Can Help You Meet Increased Customer Demand

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 15-Mar-2019 13:29:00

Increased customer demand can be a challenge. While it is a good problem to have, there are still hurdles to overcome.

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How Accurate is Creo Simulation Live vs Creo Simulate [Quick answer]

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 12-Mar-2019 09:24:00

In tests comparing Creo Simulation Live and Creo Simulate, you're generally looking at a better than 95% accuracy. In other words, compared to a high fidelity simulation solution like Creo Simulation, we tend to find that the Creo Simulation Live results are 95% or better than those results.

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Creo Simulation Live: Breaking Down Barriers to Simulation

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 25-Feb-2019 09:43:00

Simulation is typically used almost like a final validation step after the design is practically complete and manufacturing tooling costs may have already been committed. This situation is not a vision of simulation-driven design that the industry has been striving to achieve, but it is the reality of how many companies work.

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