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Concurrent Engineering Blog

Five reasons to throw out your notebook and switch to Mathcad

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 28-Oct-2021 10:15:00

Incorporating Mathcad into your engineering workflow can seriously speed up your workflow. Let’s find out more.

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Mathcad Prime 4.0: A Quick Guide to New Product Features

Posted by Adam Flaherty on 11-Apr-2018 10:00:00

The aim of this blog post is to give to give anyone who is new to Mathcad a quick overview of the benefits of the solution and, for those of you who are more experienced with the software, insight into what is new in this release.

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4 PTC Mathcad Features You Have to Try Now

Posted by Rachel Jones on 22-Jun-2017 15:03:00

Hopefully you already know about the free download of PTC Mathcad Express, a license-free version of PTC Mathcad Prime. You probably also aware that it includes a fully functional PTC Mathcad Prime trial for 30 days.

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What You Need to Know About Object Linking and Embedding in Mathcad Prime 4.0

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 27-Apr-2017 14:00:00

In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at one of the most impressive new additions to Mathcad Prime 4.0 - Object Linking and Embedding (or ‘OLE’ for short).

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How to Schedule Tasks in Mathcad with Windows 7

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 12-Apr-2017 11:00:00

Let's say you need to run a Mathcad Prime worksheet without user intervention and at a particular time of the day. Without the ability to schedule such tasks, you’d have to remind yourself to do so manually, and potentially run the risk of forgetting entirely.

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Five Key Features of Mathcad Gateway

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 29-Aug-2016 12:00:00

**Update 26th Jan 2018: Mathcad Gateway has now been retired. Click here for more information on the latest engineering software solutions**


A lot of employees in your organisation have to get the same result, but they all use different methods of getting there. Hundreds of calculations have been scribbled on so many bits of paper that engineers can’t keep track of where they are, never mind worry about whether they’re following best practice or not.

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How to Ensure you Engineering Calculations are Flexible and Secure

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 24-Aug-2016 10:30:00

What sits within the intellectual property (IP) of your company? Your designs, blueprints, logos and marketing collateral? What about your engineering calculations? If they don’t reside amongst the stuff you actively protect, they really should.

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Four Tricks to Reduce Your Engineering Calculation Times

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 27-Jul-2016 09:30:00

“So, what are the timescales for engineering?” How often have you been asked that by those above you or by an expectant client? One of humanity’s greatest downfalls is its inability to provide accurate estimations of completion, so if your answer to such questioning is usually rather woolly, you’re not alone.

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The Straightforward Guide to Mathcad Gateway

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 18-Jul-2016 10:00:00
**Update 26th Jan 2017: Mathcad Gateway has now been retired. Click here for more information on the latest engineering software solutions**
Mathcad Gateway holds a considerable amount of important company data on an open  platform. In order to be reassured that this information is safe and that your intellectual  property is protected, it’s important to know how it is put together.
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Two Common Challenges to Standardising Engineering Calculations

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 12-May-2016 16:30:00

Engineers spend a lot of time working on engineering calculations, coming to solutions and collaborating with their teams to get the results they need to drive forward product development. 

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