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Five Key Features of Mathcad Gateway

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 29-Aug-2016 12:00:00


**Update 26th Jan 2018: Mathcad Gateway has now been retired. Click here for more information on the latest engineering software solutions**


A lot of employees in your organisation have to get the same result, but they all use different methods of getting there. Hundreds of calculations have been scribbled on so many bits of paper that engineers can’t keep track of where they are, never mind worry about whether they’re following best practice or not.


Maintaining best practice in all of your organisation’s engineering results is a challenge, but giving everyone in and out of house your calculations is a risk to your intellectual property. Mathcad Gateway aims to maintain best practice whilst still allowing organisations total IP control.


#1 Control who sees your calculations


Within Mathcad Gateway you can monitor who has access to your calculations, but still allow everyone to use them. Whilst your worksheets are stored on your server, the user can still enter their data and find a solution without accessing the calculation itself. This means that the organisation holds and maintains all of their IP but that everyone will be using a standardised method of calculation.


#2 Access your calculations on any device


The programme can be accessed over the web through a user login. This means that calculations can be made on any device at any time without the need for individual licenses or access to a specific server. 


This simplifies the sharing of calculations and results and allows users to return to previous calculations even if they’re not in the office.


#3 Ensure everyone maintains best practices


Using the same worksheets in the background of the programme means that all of your calculations are automatically standardised and can follow best practices effortlessly. By following the same calculations everyone is sure to get the same results without the need for double checking their results with others.


The programme is also a Certified Calculation Hub which means that you’re sure to get the right result every time.


#4 Get quick and accurate results


Rather than having to search around for previous calculations, users can now just log straight onto the programme and get their results almost instantly. This cuts down on calculation time and prevents you from having to wait around for others to collaborate the results.


#5 Do it all without the need to upgrade


This programme demands no upgrade of software or hardware and will fit easily into your current system. Simply log-on through the website and you can access your calculations and solutions straight away.


Maintain best practice and get results fast


With Mathcad Gateway anyone can access the solution to their calculations anywhere and at any time without having to download any new software or hardware. By using the programme you can cut down on the time spent calculating and double checking results without putting your IP at risk. You can maintain control of your calculations yet ensure that any user’s results are standardised and accurate.


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