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Mathcad Gateway

***Update: Mathcad Gateway is now a retired product and is no longer available*** 


Your engineering calculations are valuable. They have been tested, they have been refined, but standardizing the use of them can be challenging. How do you put them in the hands of everyone who needs them? And how do you give them access without exposing your intellectual property?

See How Mathcad Gateway Works


Watch the video to get a full introduction to Mathcad Gateway

PTC Mathcad Gateway is a calculation server that provides access to your certified engineering calculations for any user, anytime, on any device. Users simply log in over the web to obtain quick calculation results for their specific scenarios without exposing your valuable Intellectual Property (IP).

IP Protection

  • Prevent unauthorized access or distribution
  • Store worksheets on your server  
  • Govern calculation transparency
  • Manage which portions of the PTC Mathcad worksheet should be visible or invisible to the end user

Universal Access

  • Accessible through any device with an internet browser
  • Permit anyone, anywhere to access your calculations
  • No license required for users to access calculations through PTC Mathcad Gateway

Certified Calculation Hub

  •  Standardize approved engineering calculations across and beyond your organization
  • Single point of entry to all calculation best practices

TImely & Trusted Results

  • Ensure up-to-date calculations are being used
  • Eliminate time and effort spent digging up old calculations
  • Your users receive quick results for their specific scenario without depending on and/or waiting for other individuals

Easy Deployment  

  • Utilizes standard web technology
  • No special hardware/software is required
  • Fits within your existing infrastructure

See How Mathcad Gateway Works