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Concurrent Engineering Blog

4 videos comparing Creo Parametric 2.0 to Pro/E Wildfire 5.0

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 15-Mar-2013 14:50:00

It’s no secret that the release of Creo Parametric 2.0 came with a whole range of new features and functions. And, with these came significant improvements to design productivity and performance. But, you don’t just need to take our word for it. Take a look at these 4 videos to see how Creo Parametric compares in a direct comparison to Pro/E Wildfire 5.0.

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Faster 3D CAD Design with Creo 2.0- It's over 20% quicker than Pro/E

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 08-Jun-2012 08:45:00

Want to know how impressive the performance and capabilities of Creo Parametric 2.0 really are? Updates to Olaf Corten’s Utilities (OCUS) measurement benchmark now means you can capture key performance data of Creo Parametric 2.0 and Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 on your systems, to see how they compare. You can then compile your results on the OCUS website, to help other users get a complete comparisson Creo's performance potential.

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Formula Student 2012, University of Liverpool sponsored by PTC!

Posted by Rachel Jones on 01-Jun-2012 10:33:00

On July 11th Formula Student 2012 will kick off at the world famous Silverstone Circuit in Towcester!  A 5 day event, run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and backed by industry and high profile engineers, Formula Student (FS) is one of Europe's most established educational motorsport competitions!

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Training Courses at Concurrent Engineering

Posted by Rachel Jones on 26-Apr-2012 09:01:00

In my blog on 4th April 2012, I discussed the Free Tutorials available on the PTC Website through the Learning Connector, which provides quick demonstrations of PTC products, along with some tips and techniques.

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Upgrade to Creo 2.0 Parametric: Find out about PTC's latest update

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 25-Apr-2012 16:41:00

The recent release of Creo 2.0 by PTC has significant updates to the current Creo apps and also introduces a new app.

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I Am a [Pro] ENGINEER with Andy Ahlberg, Lead Mold Designer

Posted by Richard Strange on 26-Mar-2012 17:22:00
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Hear What 3D CAD Designers Are Saying About Pro/ENGINEER

Posted by Richard Strange on 26-Mar-2012 17:13:00

“Even complex designs – such as intricate turbo gears – become child’s play with the tools from Pro/ENGINEER.”

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Beijing Institute of Technology advances with PTC Pro/ENGINEER

Posted by Richard Strange on 26-Mar-2012 17:02:00

Innovative Design Supports Development of Energy Saving, Zero Emission Electric Powered Buses

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Straight Talk from George Donagher- Mechanical Engineer at Bord Na Móna

Posted by Richard Strange on 26-Mar-2012 16:53:00

“Comparing Pro/ENGINEER to other 3D CAD Tools? The difference is like night and day.”

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A Mechanical Engineer's Experience with Pro/ENGINEER

Posted by Richard Strange on 26-Mar-2012 16:43:00

“I do a lot of sheet metal design in my job and really appreciate the user-friendliness and ease-of-use of the sheet metal functionality in Pro/ENGINEER.”

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