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Concurrent Engineering Blog

Concept Design: A Short Introduction

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 30-Nov-2022 09:00:00

Concept design simply refers to a phase of the design process. It’s the point within the development cycle that typically sits between the product requirements and detailed design.

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Why Your Design Software Should Support Design Exploration?

Posted by Adam Flaherty on 02-Mar-2018 12:57:00

In an ideal world, designers and engineers would be able to explore all the possible design options, without any restrictions or limitations. But, market pressures often mean that this simply isn’t possible.

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What’s Holding Back Your Concept Design? [Infographic]

Posted by Adam Flaherty on 27-Feb-2018 09:28:00
47% of surveyed people strongly agree that you need good concept designs to create winning products. However, 61% also say that concept design work is cut short because of time constraints. 
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What are the key benefits of PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension?

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 09-Jul-2015 16:16:00

When working within the Design Exploration Extension environment, you can start to plan the changes to your designs. The real benefits of Creo DEX are:

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How Creo DEX can help you unlock your concept designs [Presentation]

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 09-Jul-2015 15:47:00

If you’re anything like most product designers, you want to be able to develop more concept designs in the same amount of time, so you can explore more design options and ultimately create a more innovative product.

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Why is the concept design phase so important?

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 05-Feb-2015 09:41:00

Did you know that 92% of PTC customers said in a recent survey that they could benefit financially by having a better platform for developing their concept designs?

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How to Bring Your Concept Design Process Up to Scratch with Creo DEX

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 11-Nov-2014 10:39:00

What are some of the common themes, issues and problems that are currently being talked about in industry on concept design and its importance to the product development process? PTC recently did a survey and they found that 92% of their customers, when asked, said their businesses could benefit financially if they had a better platform for exploring concept designs.

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How to Quickly and Easily Evaluate Multiple Design Concepts

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 25-Sep-2014 11:24:00

For many designers, being able to change and modify a concept design to evaluate new ideas is technically challenging. It can be a frustrating process, particularly when you’re working on a complex assembly, with many interdependencies. 

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How is early concept design development changing?

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 12-Aug-2014 16:52:00

When an idea strikes, what do you do about it? How do you start to turn those initial ideas into a proper concept and, eventually, a finished product?

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How Creo 3.0 Supports Concept Design Improvement

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 20-Jun-2014 17:04:00

When it comes to concept design, companies typically have a range of different paradigms that they want to use during the concept design phase. Then they want to be able to reuse this data during the design development, without losing any of the design intent. So, it isn’t a surprise that having the right tools in place is vital if you are going to make the best use of your concept design work.

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