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Concurrent Engineering Blog

What are the benefits of optimising product development time?

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 07-Nov-2014 10:43:00

For companies, getting products to market faster than ever before is a key priority.

It’s about making sure you get ahead, and stay ahead, of your competition. And, at the same time, working ensuring your products are still the best in class option for your customers. It’s a challenge for manufacturers across the world. But, to be successful, companies are increasingly required to optimise their product development processes and reduce time to lead.

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3 Product Design Secrets You Need to Know

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 29-Aug-2014 17:45:00

You’re probably familiar with the challenges that are associated with increasing product complexity. It’s an issue that’s resulting in many companies reviewing their CAD capabilities, to see how they match up to their CAD needs. But, actually, there’s a lot that can be achieved by emulating the way best in class companies use their CAD tools. In fact, according to research by Aberdeen, these exceptional CAD users are able to decrease their product design time and costs by nearly double the amount compared to the industry average. So what are the product design secrets that enable these results?

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What value does ‘Smart’ add to products?

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 01-Aug-2014 11:31:00

You’re no doubt familiar with the trend for smart products - perhaps you are even reading this blog on your smartphone or tablet. But this trend for smart products is not just referring to phones and computers. It can refer to any product that has the ability to behave in a smart way. 

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Creo 3.0 has now officially launched in the UK

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 10-Jul-2014 16:05:00

Modern manufacturers demand technology that allows their engineers to be agile, flexible and efficient and PTC has certainly delivered with Creo 3.0. Last week, we had the pleasure of showcasing this innovative new software to our customers at the UK launch event in Solihull, demonstrating how the new features and functionality work in practice.

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How Manufacturing Transformation Helps Create Value [Quick Summary]

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 08-May-2014 17:37:00

A recent study conducted by Oxford Economics, in partnership with PTC, explores the expected impact over manufacturing transformation over the next three years. The global research study questioned 300 manufacturing executives from a range of different business functions and industries. The aim of the survey was to validate a hypothesis on manufacturing transformation; to find out how the changing manufacturing landscaping is affective companies around the globe.

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How to Overcome Your Product Development Hurdles

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 08-Nov-2013 13:02:00

Designing and creating innovative products is hard. Not only are customers more discerning now, but also market pressures and competition are tougher than ever before. It means that even successful companies are having to re-evaluate processes and best practice to gain that edge. 

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How Product Analytics Can Help Your Product Development Process

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 29-Aug-2013 16:30:00

Are you satisfied with the level of feedback provided during product development, including feedback from your supply chain? What if you were able to provide enterprise-level visibility into the risk of missing product performance targets, potential product and material compliance failures, and supply chain disruptions?

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How to make working with multi-CAD data easy

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 18-Jul-2013 14:00:00

Having to work with non-native CAD files can be a frustrating process. The problem is clear; you have CAD data that you need to work with, but it was created in a different CAD tool to the one that you use. Having a tool that enables you to work with non-native CAD data, without having to recreate it can be invaluable, saving you time and money

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How to collaborate with others on design data

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 04-Jul-2013 17:25:00

If you’re an engineer, you know you’re pretty important to the product development process. But, as well, there are lots of other people who need to be involved in the project. First of all, there are other engineers in your team.

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What you Need to Know about Product Data Management

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 25-Apr-2013 17:36:00

Product data management (PDM) is important for companies, as it enables them to control access and share information effectively. There has been research done, which concludes a strong correlation between business performance and a company’s ability to manage their product data [source: www.tech-clarity.com]. By using a PDM system, organisation are better able to support growth and overall performance.

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