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Concurrent Engineering Blog

Five ways Onshape Fundamentally Improves Parametric CAD

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 25-Jan-2021 08:46:00

Onshape is CAD - but not as you know it. It isn't burdened by decades of "best practices" and preconceived ideas; it enables a fresh, new approach to the product design process from a different perspective.

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How to Accelerate Knowledge Transfer with Augmented Reality

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 21-Jan-2021 10:00:00

Organisations rely on streamlined, effective knowledge transfer, to educate new starters, share expertise and maintain important corporate insights. 

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Three major CAD trends that you need to know about for 2021

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 19-Jan-2021 09:45:00

Making end of year predictions will be slightly trickier this year, but our CAD experts have put together a quick rundown of the three trends they think will be vital for your success in 2021. 

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Three significant benefits of Windchill for medical device manufacturers

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 15-Jan-2021 09:30:00

Medical device manufacturers are driven to continually re-think their incentives and business models - it’s how they get ahead, and it’s a crucial part of moving forwards. 

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Why it's time to stop using spreadsheets for your engineering calculations

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 15-Dec-2020 10:35:00

If you’re an engineer who resorts to using spreadsheets for your calculations, you’re not alone. But spreadsheets are a significant cause of headaches for many engineers, and can seriously confuse simple tasks.

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How cloud-based design (Onshape) saves time and money

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 11-Dec-2020 09:30:00

How does your product development team worth together to design the world's most innovative products? 

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Three Digital Thread Use Cases Every Engineering Exec Needs to Know About

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 19-Nov-2020 15:09:05

It’s estimated that by 2025 there will be 175 zettabytes of data generated annually. That’s an impressive stat. And, when utilised properly, it can lead to significant business results. The challenge we face is that industrial enterprises are struggling to manage large amounts of data and can be overwhelmed by the prospect. 

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5 Product Design Challenges to Tackle with Creo 7.0

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 12-Nov-2020 15:19:48

Creo 7.0 helps Engineering Managers support cutting-edge product development, by accelerating innovation, reusing the best of your design and replacing assumptions with facts. You can start with early concept designs and transition right through to market.

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How the IoT Changes the Way Product Information is Shared

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 06-Nov-2020 15:00:00

The Internet of Things lifts the barrier to solving traditional problems, such as how products perform after shipping. We were so used to not having the data; we’ve created processes and ways of working that accept knowledge gap as inevitable.

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Introducing Windchill 12 - Four Exciting New Enhancements

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 18-Aug-2020 14:38:00

It’s more important than ever for manufacturers to share information in real-time. Remote working, accelerated by Covid, means quick and secure collaboration is essential for modern product development. Easy access to data, quality-focused processes and a data-driven approach, without compromising security, are non-negotiable for teams spread across departments and around the world. 

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