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Are you ready for Mathcad Prime 10?

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 14-May-2024 08:45:00

PTC has been busy making the new Mathcad the best ever. Let’s find out what’s new.



Released on April 23rd 2024, Mathcad Prime 10 aims to be the engineer’s new best friend. Finally, engineers can manage complex calculations, documentation and communication on one platform. It promises an end to scattered spreadsheets, just clear, intuitive work, presented with precision, transparency and simplicity.


In this article, we’ll look at some of the upgrades in this new version of Mathcad, grouped by:

  • Symbolic engine
  • Numeric engine
  • Workflow


Let’s get started.


Symbolic engine upgrades


Mathcad’s powerful symbolic engine has long been a favourite with the user base. Here are some upgrades you’ll find in version 10:

  • ‘Standard’ keyword - for Big-O notation and showing constants of integration in indefinite integrals
  • Keyword expansions - keywords ‘fully’, ‘fact’, ‘solve’, ‘simplify’ and ‘max’ now work in more use cases
  • ’Undefined’ support - enhances compatibility with numeric results, notably for handling the ‘NaN’ function


Numeric engine improvements


The most striking upgrade to the numeric engine is around multithreading. Now, users can utilise multi-core processes to execute multiple calculations at the same time, instantly making them more efficient. If you’re working on worksheets with numerous independent, non-sequential calculations, Mathcad Prime 10 will speed up your workflow dramatically.


Mathcad Prime 10 has also improved its calculus operators. Enhancements around pdesolve allow for implicit, explicit and mixed boundary conditions set by the user. Other new additions include units support and improved inline assignment evaluation in matrices.


Workflow enhancements


Although it excels in helping engineers solve complex mathematical problems, the great thing about Mathcad Prime has always been its simplicity and ease of use. Prime 10 is no exception, with several new workflow improvements. These include:

  • Advanced controls in scripting - New interface controls allow users to add list boxes, sliders, radio buttons and more to their worksheets
  • Algorithm solving selection - Mathcad Prime 10 users can now choose a solving algorithm for functions and integrals, including pdesolve, odesolve and numol. It’s the ultimate in flexibility and control
  • Subscript and superscript - These formatting options are now available in text regions
  • File opening - You can now open files directly from Include Worksheet regions and the legacy worksheet converter
  • Date and time - Add world date and system date formats in headers and footers
  • Links - Link to specific sections of a second worksheet
  • Hide formatting - Hide the collapsible area border, helpful when printing worksheets


Find out more


There’s no question that Mathcad Prime 10 represents a significant upgrade to this already popular engineer’s tool. As usual, PTC spent time consulting with its user base to identify areas for improvement—and it’s certainly delivered. Learn more about Mathcad Prime 10 and start your journey today.

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