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Concurrent Engineering Blog

What is the Role of PDM for SMEs?

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 26-Sep-2013 15:19:00

PDM is really important to help control access and share information. Research into PDM shows that there is strong correlation between business performance and a company’s ability to manage their data successfully. Companies that were able to grow revenue and profit are typically better at data management than average companies. So having a PDM solution in place can be an important factor for driving business.

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How to Increase Design Reuse with Product Data Management

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 20-Jun-2013 12:50:00

Time is increasingly important for companies. Getting products to market faster and reacting to customer demands are essential to remain competitive. 

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What you Need to Know about Product Data Management

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 25-Apr-2013 17:36:00

Product data management (PDM) is important for companies, as it enables them to control access and share information effectively. There has been research done, which concludes a strong correlation between business performance and a company’s ability to manage their product data [source: www.tech-clarity.com]. By using a PDM system, organisation are better able to support growth and overall performance.

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How Does PDM Support Product Development?

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 19-Feb-2013 14:34:00

Any product development process will involve numerous drawings and models. These come from different stages of the product development. But they all need to be stored and managed in a way that makes it easy for anyone to find the version they are after. Having an effective product data management (PDM) tool means companies can have a full understanding of all the drawings and models relating to an individual product both during and after development.

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What is the Difference Between PDM and PLM?

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 30-Jan-2013 15:09:00

A very often asked question is, what's the difference between PDM and PLM? It is both a long story and a short story all at once. We'll take a look at the key attributes of each system and then look at where the difference between them.

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