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Improved user experience of design tools with Creo 2.0

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 07-Aug-2012 13:45:00

design tools user experienceThe latest release of Creo Parametric has brought impressive productivity enhancements for 3D CAD users. It’s over 20% faster than Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 and significant improvements have been made to the user experience. 

Navigation changes make it easier to find the tool you need

The new ribbon user interface of Creo Parametric means tools and features are easier to access. They are organised into dedicated tabs, depending on the specific task at hand. Simply by switching tabs, users are presented with the all the relevant tools they need. Users are able to customise the ribbon interface, to suit their particular needs. 

Additionally, the modelling window at the top of the screen means commonly used commands are easy to access for an improved user experience. Previously with Pro/E, these commands would have been accessed through the navigation menu and taken more time to find.

Finding the right design tools for the task

The search feature, included as part of the Creo Parametric upgrade, means you can find the tools you need with ease. By using the new command finder, you are able to find the command you need. Simply type the command name into the top right search box. Then, you are presented with a list of commands that match your search term. Highlighting the command you want shows the navigation path to access the command. 

Faster design tools improve user experience

The user experience enhancements built into Creo Parametric mean you can now design more quickly and intuitively. To modify features of design work, you simply click on the aspect you wish to change and all modifications take place in real time. Compared to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0, Creo Parametric users experience:

  • 33% less mouse travel
  • 18% less mouse clicks
  • 30% less menus opened

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