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How to save time when simplifying CAD models for analysis

Creo Simulate

For many organisations, there can be choke points in their product design process. These slow down the rate of development and mean it takes longer to get new products to market. One example of this is simplifying models for analysis, which is a challenge for many companies. 

Why you can’t afford to miss Develop 3D Live 2014

Develop 3D Live

Develop 3D Live is back for another year. The 2014 exhibition is less than one week away.  On 15 April, at Warwick Arts Centre, you can join four conference streams, across five exhibition spaces, with over 55 exhibitors.

Formula Student Helps Inspire Future Engineers

Formula student

For a young engineer, being part of a Formula Student team is ideal chance to show-off your skills in terms of technical ability and design. Additionally, it also gives engineers the opportunity to practice and develop their business skills, including ability to work in a team, managing a project, presenting, and budgeting – essential skills for entering into industry.

5 Common Misconceptions About Product Lifecycle Management

misconceptions product lifecycle management

For many manufacturers, product lifecycle management can be a daunting prospect. Taking the decision to implement PLM isn’t necessarily a straightforward choice. And, this isn’t helped by common misconceptions that exist about PLM. In fact, these misconceptions can become unnecessary barriers for companies considering their options for managing their data and product lifecycles. Here are five common misconceptions about product lifecycle management.

What are the benefits of investing in CAD consolidation?

CAD Consolidation

Let’s be clear, working in a multi-CAD environment is not uncommon. For a variety of reasons, manufacturers can end up with more than one CAD system in operation. This could be for many reasons, including supplier driven demands, as a result of an acquisition, or due to customer requirement.

How to Choose a PDM System

PDM Systems

Today we’re going to look at how to choose a Product Data Management system. Getting this right is so important – while the right tool will help you to improve product development processes, the wrong tool can end up becoming a real nightmare for your organisation.

4 Characteristics of an Effective CAD Tool

effective CAD tool

Nothing works in isolation. This is especially true in our increasingly connected world. So, it’s no surprise that, in an engineering environment, one of the ways the effectiveness of a CAD tool is measured by the extent it is able to interact with other processes and systems. Think about it this way, when you use a sophisticated CAD tool, but find you cannot integrate this information to other parts of your product development process, this limits the effectiveness of the system. So what are the characteristics to look for, to ensure your CAD tool is as effective as possible?

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The Business Case for CAD Consolidation


Many manufacturers are currently in a position where they are using several CAD applications. This could be because of customer needs, external suppliers, or even internal departments using different CAD packages. While it is not always possible to reduce the number of CAD packages that you have to use, in instances where you can, there are clear advantages. Let's take a look at 4 key factors that make CAD consolidation a viable and profitable choice for many manufacturers.

How to Cope with Multiple CAD Systems

multiple CAD systems

It’s not unusual for manufacturers to have to work with multiple CAD systems. This could be because suppliers, subcontractors, customers, or even a different department are using a different CAD package. Due to the proliferation of 3D CAD systems and the range of different packages, this can create enormous difficulties for manufacturers when they try to use these models with their own CAD software.

A Brief History of Product Lifecycle Management

history plm

To understand how and why product lifecycle management first developed and why there is a clear and growing need for PLM, we first need to look at what we mean by product lifecycle.

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