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Does the IoT Mean Manufacturers Need to a New Business Model?


For a very long time, manufacturers have been focused on capturing value through a product orientated business model, where they manufacture a product and then sell that product as an asset to the customer. This is a tried and tested approach. Sometimes, in this product orientated business model, companies also provide an after sales service. This could be along the lines of helping customers to maintain the product in working order.

How to Convert Your Mathcad Worksheets to Use in Mathcad Prime 3.0

Mathcad worksheet conversion

There’s nothing like getting the latest product release – knowing that you have the very best the market can offer.

Three New Videos to Help You Advance Your Skills in Creo 3.0

Creo DEX eBook

When it comes to learning new skills, there’s nothing like seeing how something works in practice.  We've curated together three of the latest videos to help you advance your skills in Creo 3.0. 


Two Factors You Need to Manage Unexpected Product Development Changes


Change is a fact of life. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not: it’s a well-known challenge for any manufacture. Whether it’s new customer requirements, unexpected delays in a project or a supplier failing to deliver, it’s something we all have to face.

IoT Technology Stack: Should You Outsource It?

IoT Technology Stack

When you step back and look at everything you need, for your product to become a smart, connected product, there are some tough business decisions to be made. Developing, maintaining and supporting the required technology stack are not small feats. They require significant investment and also a different skill set to the one traditionally found in successful manufacturing firms.

Is an open or closed system best for your smart, connected products?


As the IoT transitions from a niche concept to a practical option for product design, it is becoming increasingly popular in the business world. For companies planning to boost efficiency, innovation and ultimately revenue through the IoT, surely the only question is “when can we start?” Soon. I promise.

Should new functionality be embedded in the product or the cloud?

Embedded in the product or cloud

Connectivity offers us two real advantages. First of all it gives us the ability to move information back and forth. Secondly, it also gives us all a new domain in which to create new capabilities for our products and solutions.

How to Choose the Right Smart, Connected Product Capabilities?

Smart Connected Product Capabilities

When you start to think about the smart, connected product capabilities and features you might want to add to your products, it can get pretty complex, pretty quickly.

How to Unlock Design Capabilities and Modernise your Creo Installation

Creo Essentials Packages Cover

It’s well known that having the right tools in place is essential to meet growing competition and also take advantage of new market opportunities. In an increasingly competitive market place, you’ll want to make sure your engineering team has what it needs to be a success. 

How To Improve Your Design to 3D Printing Workflow

Design to 3D Printing Workflow

Preparing a design for 3D printing typically involves multiple software tools. The problem with thiis workflow is that is disconnects the original model from the final design used in manufacturing. So, to help you overcome this common problem, PTC Creo now has capabilities to support design for additive manufacturing. This includes a dedicated environment for preparing and checking models, before sending them for 3D printing.

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