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What you need to know about PTC Mathcad Gateway [60 second intro]

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 19-Feb-2016 13:00:00

PTCMathcadGateway.png**Update 26th Jan 2018: Mathcad Gateway has now been retired. Click here for more information on the latest engineering software solutions**

PTC Mathcad Gateway is a calculations server that provides access to your company’s certified engineering calculations for any user, any time on any device. 

Users can quickly access it to obtain calculation results, for their specific design scenarios, without exposing your valuable company intellectual property.

Behind the scenes, a PTC Mathcad Gateway deployment is powered by PTC Mathcad Prime worksheets, performing each submitted calculation. When you tag regions as inputs or outputs, the worksheet will accept values from a given web form submission, calculate based on those values and return both numerical and graphical results to the user’s web browser.

These worksheets reside on the server, accessible only be designated administrators, while empowering users with timely and trustworthy results.

By standardising your company’s certified engineering calculations on PTC Mathcad Gateway, you create a browser accessible, platform independent hub. This gives employees, suppliers, contractors and customers universal access to up-to-date calculations on any device.

Using PTC Mathcad Gateway, you can truly provide universal access to the power of your engineering calculations, anywhere and anytime, without exposing your intellectual property.

PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1