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Unlocking Value: 4 New Creo Manufacturing Apps Explored

Posted by Adam Flaherty on 20-Sep-2018 14:45:00

The aim of this blog post is to provide you with a quick overview of the four new Creo Manufacturing apps, outlining their value and how they enable users to communicate their design intent with confidence.


The four new releases are:

  • Creo Additive Manufacturing Extension (AMX)
  • Creo AMX Plus Extension
  • Creo Topology Optimisation
  • Creo Mold Machining (MMX)



Creo Additive Manufacturing Extension

What is the Creo Additive Manufacturing extension?

The Creo Additive Manufacturing extension is an add on extension providing automated lattice structure creation, optimisation and printer tray set up.

Why do we need Creo AMX?

Additive manufacturing has the potential to revolutionise design and manufacturing. Here are a few examples of some of the main benefits Creo AMX will offer engineers and designers:

  • Rapid creation of design concepts and prototype geometry. Early stage and frequent prototyping leads to more effective product launches and increased innovation.
  • Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) of end value sellable products. So you can cost effectively manufacture highly complex geometry.
  • Cost effectively produce custom and low volume products.
  • Increased design freedom. It will enable the design of creative, innovative products that could not be produced using traditional manufacturing processes.
  • Cost reduction through part consolidation. Consolidate multi part assemblies to a single part by removing manufacturing limitations.

So, what is the value?

  • Engineers are encouraged and inspired to innovate and think outside the box
  • Designs are optimised for improved quality, performance and durability
  • Eliminates high cost and lengthy manufacturing lead times
  • Reduces/eliminates costly rework and scrap
  • Creates new capabilities for design that are stronger yet lighter

Creo AMX Plus Extension

The next step

Creo Additive Manufacturing Plus is an add on extension providing 3D metal printer connectivity, printer management and tools to automate support structure generation. The app includes everything you get within the AMX licenses, but additionally provides 3D metal printer connectivity, printer management and tools to automate support structure generation.   



Creo Topology Optimization

What is Creo Topology Optimization?

Creo Topology Optimization supports ‘generative design’, using advanced shape optimisation technology to create design solving for specified design criteria, goals and objectives.

Why do we need Creo Topology Optimization?

This app automatically generates innovative designs, solving design goals and objectives through:

  • Ease of use
  • Fast optimisation setup
  • Rapid topology optimisation
  • Semi automated CAD reconstruction

What is the value?

  • Speeds up time to market, which increases engineering productivity and efficiency
  • Reduces product development cost
  • Eliminates lengthy design and development cycle times
  • Accelerates new product introduction
  • Rapidly solves design requirements and development of new products
  • Increased design innovation and improved performance, eliminates influences and solving for design objectives.
  • Increased sales revenue and customer loyalty; innovative products are easily differentiated in the marketplace.


Creo Mold Machining

What is Creo Mold Machining (MMX)?

The final new Creo Manufacturing extension is Creo MMX, which  provides specialist 3 axis NC machining capabilities powered by Moduleworks a leading supplier of CAD/CAM components. It’s optimised for mold, die, electrode and prototype machining.

Why do we need Creo MMX?

The solution delivers high speed, precision multi axis machining. Some features of the solution include:

  • Embedded CAD and CAM
  • Comprehensive 3D axis machining
  • Fast tool path calculation
  • Simulation

What is the value?

  • Acceleration in time to market, increasing manufacturing efficiency
  • Improved quality of manufactured products, creating precision toolpaths and improved surface quality.
  • Reduced product development and manufacturing cost
  • Reduced NC tool path creation and product manufacturing times
  • Extended tool life and reduce machine wear
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Rapid turn around and delivery of production mold, die, electrode tooling and prototype parts
  • Reduced manufacturing cost and increased competitive differentiation

To find out more about the All New Creo Manufacturing Apps, watch the OnDemand webinar: 

Creo Manufacturing Apps