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Two Common Challenges to Standardising Engineering Calculations

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 12-May-2016 16:30:00


Engineers spend a lot of time working on engineering calculations, coming to solutions and collaborating with their teams to get the results they need to drive forward product development. 

But, just because they spend a lot of time on engineering calculations, doesn’t mean that it’s perfect.

In fact, there are two common challenges that are holding back engineering departments around the world.


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The first of these challenges is that there is no single solution through your entire ecosystem

Your engineering department might be standardised on one platform. But it’s unlikely that all your partners, suppliers and customers are also all using the same platform that you use. This makes it difficult for different engineering departments in different companies to collaborate effectively on engineering calculations.


As a result, this can lead to:

  • Multiple tools and methods used to perform engineering calculations
  • Information being stored in several different file formats
  • Multiple different tools and software installed locally to handle the different file formats


The second challenge is that to share files from Mathcad, you need to physically send the file to another person

This means giving them access to the full Mathcad worksheet – effectively exposing the source code or IP of your company to someone external. This can limit sharing and reuse of calculations in order to protect IP.

This results in:

  • Tedious processes to search, compile and understand how to apply the knowledge – often it’s the case that it is easier to reinvent the wheel for each project rather than reuse existing knowledge because of the challenges associated with sharing information
  • No ability to control distribution of calculations assets
  • Significant time to bring new resources “up to speed”


In an ideal world, what would the solution to standardising engineering calculations be?

An ideal solution would give end users or the consumer for those engineering calculations the ability to access the calculations anywhere. This would remove the need to have the desktop version of Mathcad installed and remove the need to be connected to your network with a license installed. As well, an ideal solution would have to protect the IP by restricting access to these parts of the Mathcad worksheet where necessary.


Introducing Mathcad Gateway - the solution

Mathcad Gateway is a server that provides universal access to your engineering calculations, while providing protection for your IP – your competitive differentiator.

You create Mathcad worksheets in the same way that they’ve always been created. All Mathcad Gateway does is extend the capabilities that you have; offering more protection and more flexibility in the way that you use Mathcad.

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