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The Straightforward Guide to Mathcad Gateway

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 18-Jul-2016 10:00:00
**Update 26th Jan 2017: Mathcad Gateway has now been retired. Click here for more information on the latest engineering software solutions**
Mathcad Gateway holds a considerable amount of important company data on an open platform. In order to be reassured that this information is safe and that your intellectual property is protected, it’s important to know how it is put together.

How does Mathcad Gateway work?

Gateway is hosted on a secure calculation server and is compatible with Mathcad Prime 3.1 or above worksheets. The use of a server means that anybody can access your calculationsanytime without a license or any special hardware or software.

Are there any controls over who sees the worksheets?

Although your worksheets are stored on the server, you can manage each users access so that only those who are designated can access them. If a user is not allowed access to the worksheet, then they can still use the calculation by filling in their variables and choosing their units on the calculation hub and pressing ‘calculate’. Every time the ‘calculate’ button is pressed a new worksheet is created for theuser to refer back to.  

You can also manage which calculations are seen on the hub first, so that those which areused the most often are the most easily accessible to users. This reduces the time it takesfor users to find these calculations.

What are the other benefits of Mathcad Gateway?

One of the main benefits of using the system is that all of the calculations used by subcontractors, employees, etc. are standardised. This means that they are all sure to get the same result, reducing the likelihood of mistakes. Also, because Gateway is a certified calculation hub, the results are certain to be accurateand follow the best practices. This saves time that would have been spent double checkingresults or from confusion between different methods of calculation.
Gateway allows calculations to be centralised on an easily accessible platform that can beshared with contractors, stakeholders or the wider public without compromising acompany’s intellectual property. This allows for a more efficient calculation and sharing andensures that results are always accurate and follow best practices.
PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1