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How Accurate is Creo Simulation Live vs Creo Simulate [Quick answer]

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 12-Mar-2019 09:24:00

In tests comparing Creo Simulation Live and Creo Simulate, you're generally looking at a better than 95% accuracy. In other words, compared to a high fidelity simulation solution like Creo Simulation, we tend to find that the Creo Simulation Live results are 95% or better than those results.



The key difference between the two tool is the speed the you receive the results. One of the models that tests were run on, to compare the tools, was down at the 95% level of accuracy. To run the simulation in Creo Simulate took one day. To run the simulation in Creo Simulation Live took 7 seconds. This is the critical difference. Yes, your results are not quite as accurate, but you’ve got the result almost instantly, which gives you a real guiding point during concept and design stages that previously design engineers have not had access to.