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Boltight: Innovating with Augmented Reality [Customer Success Story]

Posted by Emily Priest on 10-Dec-2018 14:53:00

Boltight has a vast customers base, regularly requesting demonstrations or a supply of materials. Considering the volume of requests for this type of demonstration, Boltight decided augmented reality is the best way to show their capabilities -  without having to make expensive trips for demonstrations.


The industries and customers Boltight supply are advancing, and so the technology Boltight uses must advance in line with that. Boltight worked with us, as we offered continuous support and guidance around the software, supplying a strong knowledge base around the software and a constant support network.

A recent customer approached Boltight with a request to see exactly how a bolts tension would fit on their bolt, as a result of this they had to print a 3D model to then be sent over to China. However, with the use of Augmented Reality, using Vuforia View, they can actually produce the exact specification of their tool from the CAD models within Creo and demonstrate for themselves how their bolts would fit.

If Boltight endeavours to the next steps and uses this kind of technology, it would allow the product user to access and keep information such as maintenance procedures. The benefit is clear: it gives users the ability to actually break down components within that specific product and learn how to maintain and reassemble the product - an extremely valuable asset to have.


The Future for AR at Boltight


The future for Boltight’s rollout is potentially very exciting. Recently Boltight has begun working with Vuforia Studio, using their AR technology to explore their Typhoon tool, a tool Boltight use for wind turbine insulation. The hope is that with both growth and experience Boltight will be able to use Vuforia to demonstrate how the tool would work practically on the turbine.


About Boltight

Boltight specialises in large-scale industrial bolts, where accuracy and safety are paramount. The core business focuses on designing and manufacturing bolting solutions. 

In 2015, Boltight was acquired by Nord-Lock Group. The alignment makes perfect sense, as Nord-Lock Group also specialise in bolting and securing solutions.  The Nord-Lock Group, as a whole, is exploring the impact that digitisation can make. Boltight wanted to be at the forefront of bringing digitalisation to the business.


Watch the video, to find out more about how Boltight is using AR to innovate:


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