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Leveraging Digital Transformation at Blatchford for the best clinical outcomes.

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 20-Oct-2022 11:00:00

It’s no secret that the medical device industry is a heavily regulated one. The devices produced have to be efficient, accurate and kept up to date. Ensuring a high standard throughout the whole process will successfully help save lives. 



Blatchford makes mobility possible, prioritising users' wellbeing and long-term health. Their innovative prosthetics, work perfectly in sync with the body to provide efficiency of movement and function. Concurrent Engineering partnered with Blatchford to implement PLM (product lifecycle management) and digitise different processes and workflows to continue meeting medical device regulations at the highest standard. Read more about our partnership below.

Finding a process fit for purpose 


To deliver the best possible product to the end-user, the processes throughout the business need to meet the highest standards, which comes with challenges. These challenges include updating medical device regulations that have changed the orthotics and prosthetics industry. 


By implementing PLM, Blatchford would continue meeting medical device regulations and facilitating growth opportunities. Inaction was not an option. Not moving forward would impact the growth rate making it challenging to maintain market share.


Introducing a new structure will benefit the business, which will ultimately benefit customers. Concurrent Engineering understood the challenges Blatchorf faced and identified that PLM had to be central to the business. 


A collaborative approach


In an industry like medical devices, PLM is crucial and must be done correctly. Working with a company able to understand the medical device industry challenges and with deep expertise in PLM like Concurrent Engineering was a match made in heaven. As a result, PTC Windchill was the PLM solition that would meet Blatchford’s needs as it was best aligned with the overall vision than other vendors' offerings. 


Concurrent Engineering understood the challenges Blatchford faced and communicated these fluently at all levels of the business, not shying away from asking the difficult questions. The team at Concurrent Engineering offered the flexibility Blatchford needed from day one and through the implementation phase of the PLM solution.

Working together


Working collaboratively with Concurrent Engineering, Blatchford approached the project with transparency, a fluid dialogue and an eagerness to learn from an expert in the PLM space.


Blatchford has found the ability to work interactively with the solution architects at Concurrent Engineering the key to the project's progress. Even though the project is in its infancy, the vision remains the same. 


The PLM project will realise key business benefits, including digital workflows with a check, review and approval process in Windchill and removing bureaucracy and inefficient processes. Removing this will make it easier for work to be done and give employees more opportunities to focus on value-add activities. 


Want to learn more about how Blatchford integrated PLM as part of its digital transformation journey with Concurrent Engineering? Read the full case study here.

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