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Are you ready for Mathcad Prime 9?

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 05-May-2023 15:40:44

Mathcad has long been the software of choice for engineers to make complex calculations and solve problems with pinpoint accuracy while maintaining transparency and curating decisions. Users love its vast range of calculating functions and intuitive workflow. Now, with Mathcad Prime 9, the best just got better.



In this article, we’ll dive deeper into Mathcad Prime 9. We’ll examine its new and improved features, as well as some useful new workflow enhancements. Let’s get started.

Enhanced features

With improvements to both the symbolic and numeric engines, Mathcad Prime 9 gives engineers unparalleled functionality. New features include:

  • Gradient Operator – Returns symbolic and numeric scalar function gradients in line with defined variables
  • pdesolve function – New feature in Solve Block
  • Symbolic ODE solutions – First-order and higher-order Ordinary Differential Equations can now be solved (higher-order ODEs must be reduced to first-order)
  • find function – Solve systems of equations symbolically inside the Solve Block
  • Functional additions – Elliptic Integral Functions and Logarithmic Integral Functions added in Mathcad Prime 9
  • Enhanced Calculus Operators – Improvements and expansion to symbolic limits, integrals, derivatives and summations
  • assume keyword – New symbolic Keywords and Functions, including assume to specify assumptions on the result of a function

Improved workflow

As with every new Mathcad Prime version, users can expect valuable capability enhancements to boost productivity. PTC always like to listen to their user base and take on feedback which they can build into new versions. It all makes Mathcad Prime 9 the most user-friendly mathematical engineering solution available today.

For example, Text Styles helps users better organise their worksheets without having to format content manually in individual text regions. All you have to do is select a Text Style you like and the solution does the rest, creating a consistent aesthetic for your worksheets.

PTC has also enhanced the Internal Links, Go-to Page and Current Page Tooltip features, making it easier to find the information you need, even in lengthy documents. Connecting notes and calculations across worksheets is now easier than ever, making referencing a breeze. You can also use the Custom Color Picker to highlight specific sections of documents to make them stand out on the page. 

Another significant workflow improvement is the ability to use the spacebar to convert a region from default math to a textbox. It means you can manually bypass clicking on the text box to enter text into a worksheet. Imagine how that will speed up your processes.

Try Mathcad Prime 9

With Version 9, Mathcad Prime is truly the engineer’s mathematical best friend. However, the enhancements we’ve discussed in this article only scratch the surface. You really need to try it for yourself.

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