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5 ways digital transformation can supercharge your industrial enterprise

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 25-Aug-2022 09:30:00

Digital transformation is a multi-trillion dollar industry. But, what can it do for your organisation? Let’s find out more.


Research by PTC found that 92% of industrial enterprises are on a path to digital transformation, with 77% spending more than $1 million on digital transformation initiatives. 


In this article, we’ll look at five ways digital transformation can deliver positive outcomes. Which ones could make a difference to your company?


1 – Leverage your digital thread 


Your digital thread should be the single source of truth in your manufacturing process, linking upstream and downstream operations, incorporating design, manufacturing and quality control. 


With a digital thread up and running, you can drive further digital transformation opportunities across your value chain. Your digital thread is the cornerstone on which you can build.


2 – Go ‘digital first’


In competitive markets such as the automotive industry, successful digital transformation can give you a valuable edge.


Using a digital thread platform like PTC’s Windchill, you can get that all-important single source of truth across your entire manufacturing process, as well as your suppliers and end users.


Once this is in place, you can implement initiatives such as new design processes, digital twins to support your sales and service teams, and augmented reality for training. In a fast-moving industry, it means you can stay ahead of the game.


3 – Improve customer experience


Digital transformation doesn’t have to be just about manufacturing or design. For example, you can use it to take a more front-foot approach with your customers, so they get more from your products and come back for more.


For example, IoT, augmented and mixed reality solutions can help train customers to use your products to their full potential and derive the most benefits. Digital twins of all your components mean you can quickly create and send out new parts when things go wrong.


In this instance, digital transformation helps you go the extra mile for your customers, which is essential, especially in crowded industries.


4 – More effective training


Digital transformation has the potential to solve critical challenges in all areas of your business. 


In employee training, augmented and mixed reality can revolutionise the way you upskill your staff. AR solutions put the trainee in the centre of the action, where they can believe they are actually performing the tasks you’re training – including hand gestures, voice commands and visual interface. It’s shown to make training more engaging and boost retention.


If the U.S. Air Force can train their pilots using AR, imagine what it could do for your industrial enterprise.


5 – Bring your business together


Digital transformation can make the world feel smaller, making all the difference in organisations with tens of thousands of employees in 100+ countries worldwide. 


Leadership from across all your territories should be involved in devising your digital transformation strategy, relating to high-impact goals that benefit your entire organisation. 


Starting small and building up, ensure you measure and publicise the positive effects of your digital transformation.


Time for action


Digital transformation can revolutionise how you work, future-proofing your business with flexible, agile, scalable and accessible technology. 


If you’re not investing in digital transformation right now, you can guarantee your competitors are. So, it’s time to take action now.

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