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4 things you need to know about digital transformation

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 24-Jan-2022 10:00:00

Avoid the disinformation. Here’s what digital transformation really is (and what it isn’t). Let’s find out more.


There's so much talk about digital transformation in engineering right now, and it can often be interpreted differently. We also see some inaccurate information being spread around about digital transformation, its potential and its importance to your business




In this article, we’ll lay out four things you absolutely need to know about digital transformation.


1 – Digital transformation is a simple term


Many companies avoid digital transformation because they have trouble defining it or think it’s too complicated. Here’s what you need to know:


Digital transformation is the term given when companies use technology to face the critical business challenges that arise when the digital world and the real world converge. 


Digital is part of our world, like it or not. Even if you haven’t gone digital yet, there’s every chance your customers have. That’s a problem you need to address, and digital transformation is the tool to do it. Today’s connected technology opens up a new world of possibilities for your business. Sure, there is friction there, but the upside is greater.


2 - Digital transformation is not a theory. It’s happening!


Some leaders believe that digital transformation is still just a concept, a theory that people are talking about rather than doing. This is a myth. There are numerous examples of companies that have implemented digital transformation and are reaping the rewards. 


Digital transformation brings real value to your organisation by reducing machine downtime, improving right-first-time quality, lowering maintenance costs and so much more. You need to look at digital transformation as an investment, not an expense.


It’s true that some digital transformation initiatives have not produced the benefits expected. However, more often than not, it’s due to a lack of short and long-term vision on the part of business leaders. When everyone throws their weight behind strategic digital transformation and does it properly, it works.


3 – Digital transformation is not just tech


Technology is the bedrock of digital transformation, as you can imagine. However, tech is still only one part of a digital transformation initiative. For your digital transformation to be successful, it takes a realignment of processes, customer interaction, company culture and more. If you don’t make changes across the board, you won’t gain the full value of digital transformation.


You also need to know that digital transformation is rarely achieved with one piece of tech. Instead, it’s usually a combination of different connected hardware and software solutions implemented throughout the business.


4 – Digital transformation is essential to the survival of your business


Perhaps most importantly, you need to know that digital transformation is a must for industrial businesses that want to still be around ten years from now. The connected world has changed the way your customers think – and if you’re not meeting them where they are, you can bet your competitors are.


The good news is digital transformation presents a new opportunity for your company. It’s a new way to make your business more productive, more efficient, more appealing to your employees and customers. When you make the investment, you’ll also see the difference in your bottom line. 


Finally, as technology advances, the potential of digital transformation only grows.


If you’re not thinking about digital transformation, there’s never been a better time than now.


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