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3 reasons why 2023 was a breakthrough year for Mathcad

Posted by Concurrent Engineering on 15-Jan-2024 08:58:00

2023 was a year of innovation for PTC Mathcad – and more exciting developments are coming. Let’s find out more.


2023 was an exciting year for everyone concerned with Mathcad, from the developers and management team at PTC to the community of highly engaged users. In this article, we’ll recap three breakthrough moments for Mathcad in 2023. We’ll also give you a sneak preview of what 2024 holds for Mathcad users. Let’s get started.


1 – Mathcad Prime 9 unleashed


On March 21 2023, PTC launched the latest version of Mathcad Prime 9, into the world. With valuable new features, including internal links, the gradient operator and pdesolve in the Solve block, it represents a considerable step up for Mathcad.


To help users get to grips with the new enhancements available in Mathcad, PTC produced an on-demand webinar with feature demos, a Q&A and feedback from the Mathcad user community. 


2 – Mathcad Virtual Conference


Every year, Mathcad holds a virtual conference where the product team and user base can get together, share information and dive deep into some more granular (but super helpful) areas of the Mathcad solution.


This year’s conference was held in August and included:

  • The announcement of plans to develop a SaaS version of Mathcad
  • A sneak peek at Mathcad Prime 10, launching in 2024
  • Product talks, including: 
    • Powering up your worksheets with solve blocks and programming
    • Enhancements to the numeric and symbolic engines
    • Customer stories from Mathcad power users


3 – Mathcad events for engineers


Engineers using Mathcad were treated to a series of informative and entertaining events in 2023. 


In June, there was the Mathcad for Civil Engineers webinar, where PTC developers and customers showed how Mathcad makes life easier for civil and structural engineers. Topics covered included how Mathcad calculates the moment resistance of a double-reinforced concrete beam, and how it conducts a plastic analysis of a T-beam section. There was also an exciting Q&A. 


In November, PTC held the Mathcad for Mechanical Engineers webinar, focusing on topics mechanical engineers deal with daily, including common calculations, calculating torque for fasteners and designing spline couplings, all using Mathcad.


Looking to the future


You can see that 2023 was a busy year at Mathcad. All the virtual events and webinars are available on-demand at the PTC website. But innovation never sleeps at Mathcad, and 2024 is likely to be just as exciting a year.


The big news is that Mathcad Prime 10 is slated for release later in the year. A new feature already announced is scripted controls, which users are sure to find valuable. As always, there will be webinars from PTC to show users around the updated features. There will also be more content for engineers, with a focus this year on electrical engineering. It’s sure to be illuminating.


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