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Three Characteristics you Need to Embrace Internet of Things

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 25-Apr-2016 14:21:00

iot-choices-when-to-disintermediate-a-channel-or-service-partner1.jpgWe are in the middle of a transformation. It’s been a big topic of conversation for all of us in our world right now. We’re in the middle of what is being called the third revolution of the last 25 years. First we had the automation of the supply chain. Then we had the Internet. Now we have the Internet of Things.


It’s fairly clear that this could be the biggest change, the biggest transformation of all three, in terms of the impact it will have on how we make things.  


There are lots of considerations in terms of resource and skills and opportunities that we all need to consider. But, actually, one of the biggest indicators of success is the attitude that you have towards transformation.


This is about understanding what it takes, psychologically, to embrace the change that’s coming and make the most of it.


Be willing to be disagreeable


Change is not comfortable. In fact, it can be very uncomfortable for some people. It can mean changing process, changing systems, changing old ways of working for new ways.


To be able to bring about change, you need to be prepared to rock the boat and challenge old ways of thinking.


Be imaginative to embrace change


Old solutions and old ways of thinking won’t help to solve the problems of today. It requires creativity, new approaches and new solutions. Tweaking or optimising what it already in place probably won’t get you to where you need to go. It won’t help you to take advantage of the transformation that the Internet of Things offers.


Have a sense of urgency


The revolution is happening now. Waiting around means missing the opportunity. It means your competitors getting to the solution before you do. We don’t have all the time in the world to solve the problems.


If you put these three things together and understand the importance of these psychological conditions – being willing to stare down the barrel and be disagreeable, being imaginative and realising the urgency – then you’ll be in a stronger position to face the challenges ahead.

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