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Concurrent Engineering Blog

IoT: Uncovering the Hidden Factory

Posted by Emily Priest on 17-Oct-2018 15:30:00

Uncovering the value in the hidden factory is crucial in improving the operational efficiency and profitability of the modern factory. It’s becoming more important than ever before for companies to transform their operational systems. But, the question remains, how to make this happen?


Join us for the UK & Ireland’s leading Industrial Internet of Things Event Series, to explore how new technologies are enabling companies to uncover these Hidden Factories.


IoT will hit $11 trillion by 2025. Hear from industry leaders, who are using the technology and passing on the value and improvements to their customers, see customer success stories and discover how you can be part of this opportunity.


During this exclusive IoT Roadshow event, we’ll be introducing and exploring the latest IoT innovations:


- Hear the latest thinking from our trail blazing customers and partners

- Explore cutting edge technology, unlocking new insights and business models

- Uncover the value of IoT for your organisation


Not only will you have the chance to discuss relevant topics with industry experts but all event delegates will automatically qualify for a free IoT readiness assessment.


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