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The Future of Product Design: Virtual Conference

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 04-Apr-2017 23:03:00

The Future of Product Design - Register Now

April 11 2017, 2 - 5 pm BST


Manufacturing techniques are changing and keeping on top of new technology is becoming an ever increasing challenge. How do you know where to invest your time and effort?


3D printing, augmented reality, IoT… it’s all coming down the line and predicting how these innovation will fit into your organisation is vital to meet the challenges of the future.


Join us for The Future of Product Design - Virtual Conference

Get ahead of the competition with a deep dive on the latest advances in product design - all from the comfort of your desk. This is a free to attend, online conference has free online presentations, virtual tradeshow and networking opportunities with industry experts.

Sessions include:


  • The Emergence and Convergence of Product Design Technologies: Fitting it All Together  

Learn how to help your organisation transform from the 2D-centric design of the past to a 3D, model-based enterprise, or digital tapestry. Discover how the manufacturing process is changing and how you can put the latest capabilities to work. Get an inside look at how organizations are leveraging emerging techniques in additive manufacturing and AR


  • Using Augmented Reality in Product Design

Does a design review where anyone, anywhere, anytime can interact with your product design in 3D and provide instant feedback sound like science fiction? Augmented Reality (AR), quickly moving beyond hype to reality, is poised to change product design as we know it.


  • Design for Additive Manufacturing: Trends, Tools, and Takeaways

The ability to design, optimize, validate, and print, all within a single piece of software, isn’t science fiction, either. It’s additive manufacturing done right, and designers are doing it today.


Save Your Seat Here

Register now to join us on April 11, 2017 from 2-5pm BST

We’ll help you get ahead of the competition with a deep understanding of how design is changing; the techniques and technologies you need to know today, to remain competitive in the future; and insight into the big trends coming down the line.


Future of Product Design