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Concurrent Engineering Blog

Examining Your Processes!

Posted by Phil Fellows on 30-Sep-2017 16:41:00


What is a Process Review?

A process review can cover a variety of areas in a company’s Product Development Business; examples include:

  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Data Management
  • Change and Configuration Management
  • Bill of Material Management
  • Tailored Review to match a customer’s specific requirements


Typically, here are the areas Concurrent Engineering and Honeycomb Solutions cover in a process review:

  • Executive workshop
    • Discussions with executive owners of the Company Product Lifecycle
  • Stakeholder Workshop
    • Round table discussion with representatives from various departments and divisions involved in the Company Product Lifecycle
      • Designed for people to speak freely about what they think is good and bad in their current working tools and processes
  • Review of results, analysis and development of Results Presentation


The Results Presentation covers the following areas:

  • Business Summary
  • Data Management As-Is
  • What would good look like
  • Proposed Solution Roadmap


This framework is a good insight into the planning that is assisting many of our customers.


There is no doubt that technology is developing faster than ever before so understanding how we assess where we are today and then aligning new possibilities is becoming high on everyone’s agenda.


Business Consulting has never been more in demand.