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Creo 4.0 - What’s in The Upgrade?

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 26-Oct-2016 12:00:00


The release of Creo 4.0 is imminent, and the upgrade promises to be the best available for modern engineering businesses. However, what will actually be included in the upgrade still remains a mystery. What will be the benefits to buying Creo 4.0 and what has changed from Creo 3.0 to now?


Optimised for Model-based Enterprises


Creo 4.0 is one of the first CAD softwares to be fully optimised for model-based enterprises. As engineers move away from 2D drawings in favour of the more efficient and accurate 3D models, Creo 4.0 has optimised itself for this transition.


Rather than creating an annotated 2D drawing to complement the 3D model, Creo 4.0 enables users to annotate directly onto the 3D model. This not only means that the information is all in one place, therefore making the model easier to distribute and share within your organisation, but that misinterpretations between the 2D drawing and 3D model are less likely to take place.


The annotation tools also correctly display geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) as per ASME or ISO standards so that engineers can make sure that their model meets the necessary standards and is fully constrained.


Design for 3D Printing


As 3D printing is used more frequently for final part production, Creo 4.0 provides tools that allow better 3D part design and optimisation. The upgrade aims to help engineers build even the most delicate of components, whether they be ultra-light or lattice structures, in the finest detail.


Lattice structures can now also be designed and analysed directly inside the model before being sent to print, so that engineers can be more certain of their design’s accuracy before sending it to be printed.  

Increased productivity for engineers


Model interactions have also changed. Creo 4.0 now has geometry-based selection and a new mini toolbar to help users to work faster and more accurately. In addition, more advanced rendering not only means that engineers no longer have to wait for the software to process model images, but that the final images are of better quality and accuracy.


Creo 4.0 is a software for modern engineers


With this upgrade, not only does Creo 4.0 provide improve on the capabilities of 3.0, but provides new features that are designed to suit the needs of modern engineers. The emphasis on 3D and model-based design not only provides an upgrade for previous users, but challenges engineers to change the way that they design.

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