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Concurrent Engineering Blog

Concurrent Engineering Celebrates 25 Years of CAD Software Innovation

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 08-Sep-2016 13:00:00


For our 25th Anniversary, Concurrent Engineering will be running an open day to celebrate CAD software innovation next month. This free event will offer visitors the chance to learn more about the capabilities of CAD software and how it can innovate product development for a range of businesses. 


It will run from 10am till 4pm on Wednesday 5th October 2016 and will include a morning session, lunch and the choice between two afternoon sessions. 


The morning session will offer live demonstrations of Extended Creo Functionality including simulation, intelligent fasteners and examples of how to work with non-native CAD. During this session visitors will be free to contribute and ask questions about these functionalities and how they can improve your product design capabilities. 


Two afternoon sessions will run from 1pm. 'Managing your CAD data' will explore the value of CAD data management for your business and provide a live demonstration of the latest tools. Whereas 'Meet the Creo Experts' will give you the opportunity to have one-to-one access to our Creo support team and the chance to get your hands on some extended functionalities. 


We hope that this event will inspire you to start innovating with CAD software in order to make it work for your business; a task that we've been striving to do for all of our customers over the last 25 years. 


Learn more about the event and register here or by clicking the button below. 


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