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Five Ways to Improve the Way You Use Legacy Design Data

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 03-Dec-2015 12:27:00

reusing_legacy_data.pngBeing able to access the benefits of design re-use and make the most of your legacy data relies on having the right tools and systems in place. In fact, many organisations face real challenges making the most of the data they already have. According to a recent survey completed by PTC, out of 7000 manufacturing organisations:

  • 39% have difficulty modifying designs others created 
  • 61% reduced concept design dueto time restrictions. 

But what if there was a software package that helped you to overcome these challenges? Creo tools uncover a range of benefits, and there are five ways Creo Parametric can turn legacy data re-use into a huge advantage for your business:

#1 Engineering tasks are more productive

Using existing parts will help make engineering more productive. This means engineers arenot constantly expected to re-make the wheel. Instead, they can get to work on the nextstage of development.

#2 Enhance your quality control

When using existing parts in your designs, it means there is already a wealth of informationavailable. The parts have already been proven in the market, making the entire designprocess simpler.

#3 Increase your manufacturing information

Again, re-using existing parts in your design process means the information required tomanufacture is already easily accessible within the organisation. Not only does this savetime significantly, it means costs are reduced too.

#4 Reduce the number of errors

Re-using parts allows manufacturers and engineers to utilise the purchasing information formaterials already within the system. This saves time and decreases the risk of errors beingmade within the design process.

#5 Greater cost control

To top it all off, senior management can gain huge benefits from re-using legacy data. Managers can achieve cost savings and faster time to market.Struggling with manipulating design data is a common problem for manufacturers but theCreo Flexible Modeling extension tool allows you to make quick and easy modifications to parametric models. This retains design intent and allows you to manipulate, move and makechanges to our geometry. 


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