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Three New Videos to Help You Advance Your Skills in Creo 3.0

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 21-Aug-2015 10:03:00

When it comes to learning new skills, there’s nothing like seeing how something works in practice.  We've curated together three of the latest videos to help you advance your skills in Creo 3.0. 

Changing Entity Colours in Creo Simulate 3.0

Users are about to change the colours of simulation graphics objects. It’s similar to the process used to change system colours within in Creo Parametric. It’s a great enhancement over earlier releases of Creo Simulate. In short it means that users can customise Creo Simulate to suit their own preferences.

To find out how to make these changes and the impact they can have, watch the video below.

New Flexible Pattern Tool in Creo Flexible Modeling

The flexible pattern tool allows you to leverage the round and chamfer handling capabilities of PTC Creo Flexible Modeling, while creating a pattern of geometry.

By default, flexible pattern will remove any round or chamfer for attachment geometry, extend the one side of the pattern geometry until it intersects solid geometry and then recreate the round of champfer attachment geometry.

Here’s the video if you want to see it in practice. 


Enhanced Rounds Support in PTC Creo Flexible Modeling

Conic and curvature continuous rounds are recognised and treated as round geometry and can also be edited with edit round. To find out more about how you can use this enhancement, watch the video below.



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