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Four Questions on PTC PLM Cloud – Answered

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 10-Jun-2015 16:31:00

Search_in_PTC_PLM_CloudThe PTC PLM Cloud provides an instantly available central repository for product content.  Managed by PTC in a secure cloud infrastructure, the PTC PLM cloud manages all forms of information that is generated during product development. Everything from customer requirements right through to CAD data and Bills of Material (BOM). With seamless integration with common CAD tools, like PTC Creo Parametric, it’s simple to manage new designs or update existing ones. An embedded browser provides quick and easy access to all cloud managed information. All you need to do it right-click on any item, select check-in and then select auto for it to be securely stored in the cloud.

But, unsurprisingly, people do have questions about PTC PLM Cloud. So, here are the answers to four common questions that arise.

How can I easily find items once they’re added? 

To quickly find items, there is a search toolbar, which is always available in the top right hand corner of your screen. All you need to do is enter the search term and a window slides out with all of the search results there for you. With one mouse click you get all of the information about a particular item, including where it was used and what objects are related to it.

How can I share information with people who don’t have design tools? 

PTC Creo View light (PTC’s visualisation tool) is also included to distribute information to people who do not have design tools on their own computer, but need to be able to see and interrogate particular design models. Reviewing a particular design, making comments or mark-ups and taking measurements can all be done without disturbing the original design file.

How does PTC PLM Cloud work with Microsoft Windows? 

It’s also easy to mange documents from within the Microsoft Windows environment. In this example, we’re actually navigating through cloud-based folders, inside PTC Windchill, even though we’re in Windows. To add a document, simply drag and drop it into the folder.

How can I use it to manage the approval process?

Another feature is the ability to easily manage the entire approval process. Users who are assigned with approval authority can look at the instructions, give their comments and then ultimately decide whether they want to approve or reject the item.

PTC PLM Cloud empowers organisations of all sizes to effectively organise and manage their product content, without having to incur high IT overhead and infrastructure cost. And, because it’s PTC Windchill PLM software, it not only meets your requirements today, it also provides a platform to meet your future needs.