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How to Overcome the Challenges of Working in a Multi-CAD Environment

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 19-Dec-2013 12:04:00

working with multi-CAD dataFor modern companies, working with multiple CAD tools is a reality. In a recent PTC survey, it was revealed that companies are using an average of 2.7 different CAD systems internally.  There are several reasons that companies might be using different CAD tools. For example, different departments might have different tools that they like to use. Or, it might be that a key customer is using a different system to you, so you also need adopt their CAD software.

Regardless of the reasons behind the need to work in a multi-CAD environment, companies needs to be able to adapt to the associated challenges. Otherwise, they risk losing competitive advantage.

What is the challenge when working with multiple CAD systems?

The main reason that working with multiple CAD systems is a challenge for designers and engineers is that CAD systems are not all made equal. By this, we mean that different systems come with different functions and perform these functions in different ways.

Take, for example, the challenge of importing models from one CAD system to another. While some tools make this straightforward, there are cases when incompatibility between CAD systems means that it often seems easier to just rebuild the model from scratch. This is clearly not ideal, as it’s both costly and time consuming.

In the recent PTC survey, when asked to specify the challenges that respondents face when working with:

  • 49% of people asked said that it is difficult to import models from other CAD tools with their current 3D CAD system
  • 59% of respondents said modifying imported models from other CAD tools using their current 3D CAD tool is a challenge
  • 42% of respondents said that being able to recognise intelligence in features and patterns (essential to make modifying imported models easier) is a challenge with their current 3D CAD system

What is the solution for working with multiple CAD systems? 

There is a straightforward solution to the challenges of working in a multi-CAD environment. In short, it is having a system that is able to cope with the demands of working with multi-CAD data, by removing the fractures in your environment and effectively eliminating the need for models to be recreated.

You don’t have to struggle against your tools when working in a multi-CAD environment. To find out more, register here for the online demo: Dealing with Late Stage Design Changes and Working in a Multi-CAD Environment – 14th January, 12:30pm

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