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11 Tweetable Facts about Creo Parametric

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 03-Oct-2013 14:57:00

Creo Parametric factsCreo parametric offers users the highest level of performance of any 3D parametric modeling software. It also gives you greater depth of capability and more option extensions to meet your specific needs. With such an impressive toolset, it’s not a surprise that we want to share this. So, we’ve made 11 tweetable facts on Creo Parametric, which are all easy to share.

#1 Creo’s graphics allow you to load thousands of components in seconds, meaning you can quickly navigate to the sub-assembly, where you want to work. (Tweet this)

#2 Designing parts is easy with PTC Creo Parametric. Starting with a 2D sketch, you are already beginning to create and capture design intent. (Tweet this)

#3 Creo Parametric provides intuitive creation tools and automatically constrains your geometry, so you can easily extrude it to the desired width. (Tweet this)

#4 Changes made in Creo Parametric are instantly reflected in the production drawings and changes made to the drawings will propagate to the 3D model. (Tweet this)

#5 If desired, you can mirror your geometry in Creo Parametric so that changes to one side are automatically reflected on the other. (Tweet this)

#6 If your design calls for it, you can round all the edges instantly using the auto round tool in Creo Parametric (Tweet this)

#7 Using dynamic cross-sections, Creo Parametric is able to highlight interference in red. This allows you to easily identify potential errors. (Tweet this)

#8 Using Creo Parametric’s sheet metal design environment, you can quickly and easily add bends, notches and other sheet metal features. (Tweet this

#9 You can easily access a 2D view of a 3D part at any time, enabling you to visualise the flat state of your part in Creo (Tweet this)

#10 Available only with Creo Parametric, Freestyle makes it easy to create freeform models. (Tweet this)

#11 Creo Parametric comes with the ability to perform mechanism and basic structural analysis. (Tweet this

To find out more about Creo Parametric, download our free eBook “12 Reasons to Upgrade to Creo Parametric 2.0”


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