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Creo videos: Top five videos for new users

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 05-Dec-2012 11:42:00

Getting to grips with all the new features and functions of Creo 2.0 can take some time- there’s quite a lot of them! As well as improvements on the original release of Creo 1.0, there also completely new apps added to the Creo suite. So, whether you’ve recently upgraded to Creo 2.0 or are still considering whether now is the time to make the upgrade from Pro|ENGINEER, take a look at these top 5 Creo videos to find out more. 

#1 Introducing Creo 2.0

Unlock your design potential with the new features and functions of Creo 2.0, as demonstrated in this Creo video. These include:

  • The new Creo Options Modeler App, to validate modular products
  • Expanded ability to explore more design possibilities, with new design tools across the Creo apps range
  • Significant improvements in workflow productivity for current Pro|E Wildfire 4.0 & 5.0 users when they make the upgrade to Creo 2.0

#2 Creo 2.0: New sheet metal capabilities for Creo Parametric

See for yourself how sheet metal design has been significantly enhanced, as most of the commands have now been converted to use the standard user interface in this Creo video.

#3 Creo 2.0: New Freestyle Design for Creo Parametric

This new capabilities within Creo Parametric enhances freeform capabilities for designers with the new freestyle design tool. It comes as standard with all seats of Creo Parametric.

#4 Creo 2.0 New Cross-Sectioning for Creo Parametric

#5 Compare User Experience in Creo Parametric and Pro|ENGINEER

And, finally, for anyone who is not yet sure whether they want to make the leap from Pro|ENGINEER to Creo 2.0, take a look at this video to compare the user experience.

Enjoyed the Creo videos and want to find out more about upgrading to Creo Parametric? Download the 12 reasons to upgrade whitepaper:

Creo Parametric 2.0