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ProE vs Creo 2.0: seems saving time is just one of the benefits

Posted by Richard Strange on 16-Aug-2012 07:44:00

In a recent direct comparison review of Pro|Engineer and Creo 2.0 some striking time saving advantages were found.

Creo rated over ProEngineer in a task led head to head putting in some impressive savings:

· 30% less time
· 50% fewer menus opened
· 45% fewer mouse clicks
· 55% less mouse travel

The tests showed dramatic improvements in time-saved by users. Some of these time savings come from:

· To locate selected components in the model tree simplay right click on the component you want
· Drag and drop restructuring of designs gives unprecendented design flexibility and fast design change
· The subset command allows changes without iterating on the top level design context of the subset and provides a full subset preview window
· The new 3D sectioning tool lets you take a cut away 3D model and even provides a 2D preview.

To find out more, why not get the free Creo 2.0 30 day trial download.

Creo Free Trial

Or check out these videos if you’re looking for more ammunition on why to make the switch to Creo 2.0

Large assembly Creo 2 vs ProEngineer comparison

The sketching test

Using Freestyle in Creo 2.0 Parametric