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Product lifecycle management tools prove their worth at PTC Live 2012

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 17-May-2012 13:55:00

Product lifecycle management toolsWe have just returned from PTC Live 2012 TechForum at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon. With an exciting agenda, including keynotes from the likes of Bang & Olufsen and Aston Martin Racing, it proved to be an informative day that brought together the leading industry experts and users.

We were fascinated to hear about the latest product lifecycle management tools now available from PTC, including the new developments in Windchill. We were also impressed with the improvements made to Creo as part of the latest product release. PTC demonstrated how PLM and 3D CAD will continue to provide a competitive advantage for users, by enhancing their design work and productivity. 

PTC on Product Lifecycle Management Tools: “We firmly believe that PLM’s time has come”

The morning primarily focused on PTC’s product lifecycle management (PLM) solution: Windchill. Developments in Windchill mean that PLM is no longer just a big business solution. SMEs can now access these techniques to enhance their productivity.

The keynote speech from Jorn Hansen of Bang & Olufsen showed the benefits of Windchill in practice, revealing how these product lifecycle management tools have been used by Bang & Olufsen to make fundamental improvements to their business and overall product innovation.

With the release of Windchill 10, PLM has come of age. It is a more beautiful product, with an easier to use interface. It provides a single, definitive source of truth, for a clearer understanding of all development stages. On top of this, Windchill 10 can be accessed on iPads and iPhones for easier and more convenient information retrieval.

Creo: A new generation design solution

Afternoon sessions, which focused on Creo, demonstrated how far design tools have come. Creo provides users with the right tool, for the right task, at the right time. Instead of trying to use a one-size fits all product, users have tailored apps that are made for a specific purpose.   Plus, with common data models, there is no risk of data loss when moving between different Creo apps.

As the live Creo Direct demo proved, this interoperability is intuitive and simple to use. Design work, created within the app, was quickly transfered to Creo Parametric, with all data available to use instantly.   

PTC continue to deliver solutions

The overwhelming outcome from PTC Live 2012 TechForum was PTC’s clear focus on creating and delivering the necessary design and product lifecycle management tools to enable effective product development, proving why companies should be implementing PTC solutions as part of their business.

Find out the advantages you can gain from PTC solutions by contacting Concurrent Engineering today. Concurrent Engineering is a preferred supplier of PTC.