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Windchill update from the PTCLive TechForum 2012

Posted by Emma Rudeck on 16-May-2012 10:07:00

Windchill came of ages with Windchill 10- a more beautiful version that earlier releases, which allows users to get more value from their use of Windchill. This includes the integration with iPad and iPhone. This means that users can get up-to-date product information, regarless of location.

Particular headline highlights, straight from the PTCLive TechForum 2012,  include: 

  1. Do more- Across the entire product development process, use Windchill to enhance your procedures and improve your collaborative abilities. 
  2. Know More- Learn more at an earlier stage of the product development process. Be confident in the quality and reliability of your products
  3. Get more- Faster and cleaner interface means that engineers can get more from Windchill. It is easier to do the tasks you do more often. Less cluttered and easier to access the relevant information

To find out more about Windchill 10 and how this updated PLM system can optimise your product development, contact us today.