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PTC® WINDCHILL® A Global Platform for Data and Process Management

Posted by Richard Strange on 31-Jan-2009 14:29:00

Leader in the nuclear energy industry standardises on Windchill to integrate and optimise its business processes

PTC today announced that SOGIN has licensed PTC Windchill to centralise its product development information and standardise business processes in order to achieve a more efficient and safer management of decommissioning data.  Sogin was established in 1999 under the framework of the re-organisation of the national electricity sector. The company is responsible for decommissioning Italy’s nuclear power plants and handling their radioactive waste.

In 2008, Sogin started the IPOD (Integrazione Processi Operativi del Decommissioning) project for the integration of operative and decommissioning processes. This project was created to centralise the management and operating data relating to its decommissioning activities, improve the integration and sharing of information and allow for data sustainability.




On the basis of IPOD functional assessment, SOGIN required an IT solution that would be able to manage the following processes:: Job management, Material tracking and management.

To meet the above mentioned requirements, Sogin selected PTC. Leveraging the PTC Product Development System (PDS) architecture, Windchill will allow Sogin to develop a repository to efficiently manage all related processes and information. As part of the project, the company will deploy Windchill PDMLink, Windchill ProjectLink, Windchill PartsLink and PDF Creator.

PTC was chosen as “best in class” technology after a careful evaluation of the leading software solutions on the market, During the selection process Sogin worked Comedata, a consultancy company specialising in the development, implementation and management of IT and Communication systems, to make its decision.  Additionally, the project will be supported by Advantage, a PTC Certified Partner.

“We are pleased with our choice, since we believe that the PTC platform offers a comprehensive and integrated solution that is able to fully support our project,” said Massimiliano Chiardoni, IT Manager at Sogin. “The data consistency and the native web architecture of PTC Product Development System will allow safe access to information as well as real-time monitoring of the progress status of the decommissioning processes at the single nuclear sites.”