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Vaillant Group Deploys PTC® Product Development System

Posted by Richard Strange on 23-Feb-2009 14:05:00

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PTC  announced that Vaillant Group, a leading internationally operating heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology concern headquartered in Germany, has successfully implemented Windchill® as its global platform for product development content and process management.

The implementation of Windchill creates a single, integral platform for global collaboration among the R&D departments across Europe and China as well as controlled access to product development for non-engineering departments and third party suppliers.

With Windchill, Vaillant Group has reached an important milestone by creating an efficient enterprise-wide product development system formed to increase process transparency and collaboration thus driving product innovation. In the mid 90’s, Vaillant Group standardised on Pro/ENGINEER®, PTC’s parametric CAD/CAE/CAM software for designing innovative products.

Vaillant Group originally used PTC Pro/INTRALINK®, for Pro/ENGINEER data management, but has since upgraded to Windchill to take advantage of its broad and deep capabilities for content and process management as well as its superior Pro/ENGINEER data management capabilities.

Like many organisations, Vaillant Group is faced with some extreme product development challenges including increasing competition from overseas companies as well as higher prices for raw materials that are critical for the production of its products.

With the implementation of Windchill, the Vaillant Group established global 3D CAD file access, control and visualisation as well as improved collaboration between R&D and non-engineering departments. 
Furthermore, PTC enabled controlled, online 3D CAD data exchange with suppliers and established design workflows to enable repeatable and predictable product development processes.

“One of the greatest challenges for product development in the next few years will be how to share the right information with the right people at the right time. Engineering and non-engineering departments need to collaborate on a global scale and independently of the software system that created the original data. We are convinced that PTC products will help us overcome this challenge in the future,” said Dr. Gamal Lashin, head of R&D tools and standardisation, Vaillant Group.