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Chalco Shandong Adopts PTC® Pro/E® For Design And Production

Posted by Richard Strange on 13-Mar-2009 12:44:00

Design efficiencies improved by 200% compared to previous 2D CAD software

PTC® (Nasdaq: PMTC), today announced that Aluminum Corporation of China Limited (CHALCO) Shandong Branch has adopted PTC® Pro/ENGINEER® to speed up design and production of its solid-liquid separation equipment. Pro/ENGINEER, PTC’s integrated 3D parametric CAD/CAM/CAE software, allows engineers and designers to intuitively model detailed and accurate digital product definitions.

CHALCO Shandong had been using 2D CAD as its main design tool for many years. However, the traditional 2D CAD tool was beset with long standing problems resulting in low design quality, long product development cycle and inability to collaborate directly with the clients. With rising material prices, higher customer demands and fiercer competition bringing greater challenges, 2D CAD could no longer meet the design requirements of CHALCO Shandong and support its business growth. After thorough examination and analysis of available leading MCAD products, CHALCO Shandong decided to deploy Pro/ENGINEER.

"By implementing Pro/ENGINEER, we have improved the efficiency of designing solid-liquid separation equipment by 200%. Additionally, CHALCO Shandong has established a complete product development process for the company’s future development," said Di Quanxue, director of technology department, Hengcheng Mechanical Factory, CHALCO Shandong. "We have adopted Pro/ENGINEER product development software in the design process of our new 100m²rotary drum filter machine. We also created a digital model, which has significantly reduced design errors and enabled the reuse of parts. By doing so, we were able to reduce costs and deal with complex curved surfaces. Richrising offered great technical support for the deployment of Pro/ENGINEER and ensured the significant improvement in our design efficiencies."

CHALCO purchased Pro/ENGINEER by PTC partner, Shandong Richrising Co., LTD.  "Many SMB manufacturers in China face design challenges similar to CHALCO because they are still using 2D CAD," said Meng Qingxiang, project manager of Shandong Richrising Co., Ltd. "PTC offers a variety of Pro/ENGINEER packages that make its market leading parametric 3D CAD accessible to SMB clients that want to improve efficiency and increase the overall competitiveness of their products."

About CHALCO Shandong Branch 

Located in Zibo City, Shandong Province, CHALCO Shandong Branch is a large-scale state-own aluminum enterprise. The Company is ranked 122nd among China’s Top 500 Large Companies. As one of China’s first 40 companies awarded enterprise research center, it is also among the 512 large and medium businesses who were awarded key enterprises. Starting on July 1st, 1954 as China’s first alumina manufacturing base, it was one of China’s "1st five-year plan" projects and named "The Cradle of China’s Aluminum Industry". For more information, please visit: http://www.sdly.com.

About PTC Solutions for SMB 

PTC solutions for the small and medium business (SMB) market are designed to provide easy-to-use, yet scalable 3D CAD/CAM/CAE solutions for manufacturing companies at an affordable price. In addition PTC provides dedicated product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions for the unique product data management and collaboration requirements to the midrange market.  PTC currently serves over 35,000 SMB customers in 41 countries through more than 320 Value Added Resellers (VARs).