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PTC Windchill ProductPoint Launch Event

Posted by Richard Strange on 23-Mar-2009 11:39:00

Shrink the cost and time in getting your products to market, reduce rework, and reduce your search & approval time – Increase Engineering Value Added Work.

windchill productpoint


The PTC Windchill ProductPoint™ Launch Event at the Warwick Manufacturing Group International Center, 7th May 2009 is around the corner – you are invited to attend!


Windchill ProductPoint is a Microsoft SharePoint-based solution for product development that offers an easy to learn, quick to deploy solution for sharing CAD and other structured data among teams.

Small to midsized companies currently using network folders or FTP sites to manage CAD files will find that Windchill ProductPoint alone can meet your needs for protecting and sharing product data.

Windchill ProductPoint will also complement current deployments by optionally exchanging CAD data across existing Windchill systems. Plus, Windchill information can be presented in a familiar SharePoint browser, extending product development information to a broader audience.

For a short introduction to Windchill ProductPoint please click here. 

Please join us at the Warwick Manufacturing Group International Center 7th May, 2009 for this free seminar register today !