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Buehler Motor Standardises on PTC Product Development System

Posted by Richard Strange on 15-Jun-2009 10:20:00

SMB Manufacturer of Mechatronic Drive Solutions Deploys Pro/ENGINEER and Windchill to Improve Collaboration and Reduce Costs

PTC today announced that Buehler Motor GmbH, based in Nuernberg, Germany, has decided to Product development systemstandardise on the PTC® Product Development System (PDS) as its enterprise PLM solution to improve global collaboration and reduce development costs.

 Buehler selected Pro/ENGINEER® and Windchill® to better connect their development and production sites in Germany, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Mexico, USA and China, creating one centralised platform for data and process management for all field activities within the company. 

Buehler is a small and medium business (SMB) company developing and manufacturing standard products like DC motors, DC gear motors and water pumps and highly customised mechatronic drive solutions for customers in the automotive, aerospace and general industries.

In the past, engineers used a non-parametric 3D system and managed their CAD data locally, without having direct access to data produced at other sites, which inhibited design reuse and collaboration in global project teams. Further challenges to overcome were the heterogeneous release and change management processes at the different locations. Buehler will implement the Product Development System at six locations worldwide to support global product development and data management, setting up a common design release and change management process for the entire organisation. More than 150 engineers and technicians will use the system on a regular base.   

Buehler has realised that although it is a medium sized company, they are facing the same challenges in product development as large enterprises: They need to develop innovative high-quality products in ever shorter time and react more and more flexibly to quickly changing customer requirements. PLM technology turns out to be a significant competitive edge for succeeding in global competition. As SMB companies are not able to scale in equal measure as large enterprises they rely even more on robust PLM technology to help drive efficiencies into product development. Accordingly, Buehler Group was looking for a PLM vendor with sound track record in product development. Ultimately, Buehler chose PTC for its single platform approach and its success deploying enterprise PLM solutions.  

The PTC Product Development System was benchmarked against another PLM solution with a strong foothold in the automotive industry and won the contest on a number of key points: “PTC’s broad market penetration in the automotive industry, as well as its marquee deployments at many leading product development organisations and its better cost/performance ratio were key factors in our decision”, said Gerhard Denk, chief information officer of Buehler Motor  GmbH. “Our goal is to shorten time-to-market by improving our product development. The PTC product development system (PDS) offers key capabilities enabling us to work closer with our customers. We expect the PDS to help us reduce our development cycle times and the related costs”.

“Today’s small and mid-sized companies have basically the same product lifecycle management requirements as large corporations because they are developing and manufacturing highly sophisticated products on a global scale. They need a powerful web-based product development system to support collaboration among their global sites and with customers,”says Sin Min Yap, director, product and market strategy, PTC. “We are happy about Buehler’s strategic decision to implement our product development system. This will help them to further leverage their product development goals at their dispersed development sites.”

About Buehler Motor

DC PM Motors and DC PM Gear Motors by Buehler Motor have become an integral part of everyday life. Buehler Motor creates things for motion, in the automotive industry, in office technology and many other areas. The company provides round-the-clock reliability and fulfils user’s individual requirements with customized drive solutions. Buehler Motors provides a wide range of products – motors from 1 W to 250 W, gear motors from 1 Ncm to 10 Nm – and many applications: drives for windows, furniture, doors, hinged lids and much more, valve controls, drives for pumps, fans and compressors, paper handling, positioning drives, and folding actuators. For more information please visit:www.buehlermotor.de

About PTC Solutions for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMB)

PTC solutions for the small and medium business (SMB) market are designed to provide easy-to-use, yet scalable 3D CAD/CAM/CAE solutions for manufacturing companies at an affordable price.  In addition, PTC provides dedicated product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions for the unique product data management and collaboration requirements to the midrange market.  PTC currently serves over 35,000 SMB customers in 41 countries through more than 420 Value Added Resellers (VARs).