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Design Partners -What Our Customers Think of Pro/ENGINEER

Posted by Richard Strange on 16-Jul-2009 09:20:00

“The fully customisable interface of Pro/ENGINEER – with its map keys and GUI laid out the way I want it – makes navigation a breeze.”

Customers on ProEngineer

James Lynch works as an Engineering Manager for Design Partners, a design consultancy firm in Bray, Ireland. After learning Pro/ENGINEER during a semester studying at the University of Limerick, he joined the Design Partners team in 2005 and has been using Pro/ENGINEER on a daily basis ever since.

 It doesn’t take long to become familiar with the software.

 Within a day or two you can begin to understand the process and build some models,” he reports.

“But, of course, it’s not until you begin to explore Pro/ENGINEER in your day-to-day work that you realise you were only scratching the surface of what’s possible, and begin to exploit the full potential of the software.

 And, working in a design consultancy where everybody wants everything yesterday, you have to learn quickly – and Pro/ENGINEER allowed me to hit my deadlines right the first time.”

Why Pro/ENGINEER is So Effective

“One of the key benefits in using Pro/ENGINEER is its flexibility – the fact that there is always more than one way to achieve your goal. Its parametric nature allows us to react quickly, and dramatically reduce lead times to our clients.


zebra stripe analysis 

One of the many surface analysis tools
(zebra stripe analysis) in Pro/ENGINEER. 

For us, as design consultants, the use of the [Pro/ENGINEER] Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX) module provides valuable benefits. It allows us to publish geometry early to our clients, while we spend time on refining, honing and perfecting the design. When we issue a new file, our clients’ files update automatically, saving time on complex rebuilds.

Also, reverse engineering forms a large part of our design process, and Pro/ENGINEER allows us to work seamlessly throughout the entire design process with just one solution. I can create complex free-form shapes with ease and use the excellent surfacing tools to finish the models.


Pro/ENGINEER surfacing capabilities

Pro/ENGINEER offers excellent surfacing capabilities that enable designers to
create highly aesthetic and manufacturable surfaces with ease. 

In my opinion, the surfacing capabilities in Pro/ENGINEER are among the best on the market. And utilising both Pro/SURFACE™ and Interactive Surface Design (ISDX) Extension for Pro/ENGINEER, I can complete any surfacing task fast – without leaving my accustomed interface. This not only helps us create visually appealing products, but also allows us to build robust models with the power of top-down design.”