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Symbolic Calculation in Mathcad Prime 2.0!

Posted by Rachel Jones on 09-Feb-2012 10:41:00

When Mathcad Prime 1.0 was announced by PTC back in December 2010, its release was hotly anticipated.  However the absence of some capabilities present in Mathcad 15.0, such as the Symbolic Calculation Feature, raised a lot of criticism from loyal Mathcad customers.

With Mathcad Prime 2.0, this has all changed!

Explicit Evaluation along with Numeric and Symbolic Calculation Integration is back!

Mathcad Prime 2.0 Symbolic Calculations

Through the use of patented Integration Technology, the new and improved symbolic calculation capabilities seamlessly integrates with numeric calculation.

This new functionality automates the process of altering formulas before applying to specific cases, allowing users to set up the right form of the formula before entering the numbers.

PTC's Software Development Manager Ken Pitman, oversees work on the calculation engine for Mathcad, and shared his views with Anna Giangregorio from PTC's marketing department.  He looks specifically at 4 of the most interesting aspects of symbolic calculation in Mathcad Prime 2.0, namely:

  • Explicit Evaluation
  • Integration between Symbolics and and Numeric calculations
  • Using Lagrange notation (F') for derivatives
  • Using Leibniz notation for derivatives
To read the full in-depth discussion from Ken, read Anna's blog.

Performing day to day tasks involving Engineering calculations, such as transferring knowledge, setting up standard calculations, or verifying and validating a design— are all made easier, more effective and less prone to error, when using documents with explicit derivation and calculations.

Mathcad Prime 2.0 provides the solutions to do this!  

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